What is the meaning of life?

“The true meaning of life is to find happiness.”

This is definitely a topic that can be explored into the depths, the deep depths. The magnitude of this topic makes it difficult to cover all aspects of the equation. The truth of the matter is; each of us has our own definition of what the meaning of our lives are. Some are more seasoned whom have already delved deep into the answers of their own lives, whereas, it can take literally a lifetime for others to come to terms with this question. It all depends on how eager they are to find out.

I’ve explored this subject for over a decade. In fact, I’ve looked into this subject in hundreds of different ways and from almost every perspective. I’ve looked at life from religious perspectives, I've questioned thousands of people about it, even science has played an active role on my judgments about life. I’ve gone quite a bit further than the average person would in researching this topic. It’s a question that deserves a well defined answer.

In my research, over the years, I’ve discussed this topic with people in almost every demographic. From young students in grade school to the recently retired and those on their death bed. It didn’t matter whom I sought advice from, if they had a viewpoint on the subject I was happy to listen. After receiving so many perspectives on this subject I begun to form a clear opinion. I believe the meaning of life is to find happiness. Happiness comes in different forms for everyone. Although our television sets sell us the image that happiness resides within our purchases, it's actually quite the opposite.  True happiness is hidden behind our relationships with other people. It’s masked behind our everyday experiences. It’s defined by the smiles on our faces.

Life is meant to be lived and experienced not taken for granted. It is meant to be appreciated. Even though it often takes lethal cancers, hideous infections and other forms of traumatic experiences to discover, the true meaning of life is to enjoy it. The meaning of life is to live in the moment. I believe that life is meant to have its ups and downs. Each experience brings valuable lessons. These lessons lead us towards happiness. Happiness is the meaning of life.


Create a Positive Focus. A Positive Focus is an exercise designed for people to discover their ideal happiness. This three stage formula separates the negatives from the positive aspects in life and encourages those who use it to find their happiness.

The First Step: In a journal, jot down your top ten achievements within the past few years. If you have difficulties finding them, think back in time, as long as you can remember. I’m sure you’ll be able to muster up at least ten.

The Second Step: Write ten things from your past that made you feel like a better person. Perhaps you helped an elderly person across the street one day, or maybe you won an achievement award. Whatever they were, jot down the ones that made you feel fulfilled.

The Third Step: Write down ten things you’re grateful for in your life. Consider your relationships, your career, even materialistic things. Whatever you’re grateful for be sure to jot it down. After you’ve completed this exercise be sure to place your list somewhere you will see it every day. Often times, we lose track of what makes us happy.


  1. Life is too short to worry about things. Good advice man.

  2. I'm grateful for a lot of things. This is very powerful, I'm gonna do it.

  3. Yes Yes!! Do NOT take life for granted! You only get one, enjoy it!

  4. I keep my list on my refrigerator. I pass by it daily.

  5. According to me the meaning of life is happiness and a family, that's all!

  6. I have no reason to worry about anything. We were created to enjoy life and not to worry about it. I love this post and I'll share it with my friends.

  7. Well, to me life is not all about my happiness but also that of people around me. I'm most satisfied when I know that I am touching the lives of people around me positively. And I am very grateful for the smiles I receive when I make a positive impact!


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