Freeing your mind from limiting beliefs

There are many factors that prevent us from reaching enlightenment and true happiness in life. Some of these factors were learned within our childhood and continued later through adulthood. It's been known for quite some time that our childhood experiences affect us later in life. For example: A person may host limiting beliefs that he is a failure because his parents always told him so. All throughout his life he continued to believe he was a failure because that's what he's used to hearing. In fact, feelings of failure subside often within his mind simply because he hasn’t accepted anything different. In fact, his beliefs have most likely grown to large fears over the period of time. On top of these negative beliefs he hosts about himself, he accumulates many additional limitations through his adulthood, and most possibly will never replace this negativity with anything different. This is the story about hundreds of thousands of us. Daily we go through life with self-limiting beliefs generated from our parents and other influences. Freeing your mind from limiting beliefs can create a profound effect in a positive manner.

Life has never demanded the same from us, nor do we have the same expectations as we did years ago. Even though we may want similar materialistic things in life, we’ve been molded completely differently than our early relatives. The society that we live in today has created more responsibilities for us, and asks more from us. The modern day has created more demands and has become faster paced. Even though technology has increased our efficiency, it has also caused many problems creating more responsibilities for us. For example: Most of us couldn’t imagine living without our cellular telephones even for a day. In fact, we assume that our colleagues will have their cell phones on with them at all times. We expect them to answer by the second ring or we assume they're avoiding us. Text messages have increased our expectations and demands tenfold and also impersonalize our conversations. Even though television and radio programs entertain us and connect us to the environment, it also solicits more advertisements than our minds can handle. Within the thousands of advertisements we hear and see each day, they’re filled with psychological phrases that make us demand more of ourselves. They make us feel almost empty inside and leave us wanting more. It makes us feel unfulfilled with what we already have. We then feel the need for the best and latest technology because we are told we need it. They leave us feeling greedy for stuff we don’t need. This way of living only creates stress and discomfort. All of these factors lead to a defeated mindset.

If one is always thinking about the type of lifestyle he or she wants to live in the future, or the materialistic things that they want to possess, like the nice house, the cabin at the lake, the newest smart phone, and the millions of other products that are marketed to us each day, then there is zero possibility of becoming enlightened or finding any realm of happiness. This way of thinking leads only to a dark, ill and faded future, filled with dissatisfaction. When one is only searching for money, possessions or materialistic things, his mind becomes limited and all possibilities of reaching satisfaction are eliminated. When one is ready to live in the moment, and only when, he or she will instantly bring satisfaction and the best opportunities and relationships into their lives.

Many factors have led our minds to believe that we’re not as good as the person next to us. We’ve begin to compare ourselves with those around us, and are quite dissatisfied with who we are because of it. Every time we compare ourselves to another person, it adds to the negative limitations we already hold about ourselves. Our limitations have made us become lonely and unhappy. They’ve increased the anxiety and fear inside ourselves, and they’ve created invisible demands that rid us of our self-esteem and confidence. Every time we’re jealous of another person, it just adds to the anger, hostility and madness that we host towards the world. Every negative thought that you think about; weather it’s against another person or against yourself, you’re adding to your ill perception of the way the world actually works. It defeats you of your inner being and eliminates all chances of a spiritual awakening.

You need to wake up and smell the opportunities that surround you every day. You need not only smell it, you need to grasp onto it and use it to your advantage. You need to hold on tight and never let go because the life you were given deserves a lot more than you were led to believe. Any limitation within your mind eliminates the chances of becoming a truly liberated individual. It’s very important to take notice of your limitations and get rid of them as soon as they start to form. Even though, many of the limitations that you hold can be difficult to get rid of, any limitation can be eliminated by simply acknowledging it’s there and taking the time to gradually work it down to nothing. Free yourself from your mind. Don’t let anything stand in your way of becoming the best living being that you can be. Don’t allow negative thoughts like anger, hatred, remorse or jealousy defeat you. Let go of your desires of a luxurious lifestyle and embrace the one you’re currently living today.  Get rid of the negative beliefs you hold and embrace only the positive attributes of your mind. Be happy with what you already have and don’t let advertisements tell you otherwise.

There’s a lot more to life than materialistic things. Only the satisfied will realize this throughout their lives. In fact, technology will always advance, life will continuously get faster paced until we’re ready to realize that life isn’t a race; it’s meant to be enjoyed and taken advantage of, not taken for granted. Far too many people believe that happiness lies in the arms of another person or that it can be bought in a store. Knowing from experience and great research, this is ill advice and should be eliminated from one’s conscience. Happiness can only come in the form of living in the moment. After the moment is lived, it will simply become history. If one lives in the past or the future, they’re subtracting all the positive qualities that are given to them. Living in the past will drive us insane and make us want to relive impossible experiences. In fact, once an experience is lived, it cannot be duplicated. Every experience is unique in its own way. No two experiences are the same. Thinkers of the past will generate hostility towards the present, which only drives them further away from their goals and desires in life. Living in the future is just as bad and will generate similar feelings. It will rob you of any opportunity to enjoy the current moment. It took me a lot of time to eliminate the negative limitations that I held within myself; however, when I was ready to move forward and get rid of them, I was able to live in the moment. When this happened, I became a lot more compassionate for society and the environment around me. With compassion came happiness and contentment. When I was finally content with what I had, my mind was ready for enlightenment.


  1. 1st comment!!! Yeah I gotta be open to every opportunity in life.

  2. The past can really screw you up...

  3. Yeah I tend to compare myself to other people. I gotta stop doing that.

  4. Agreed. I'm happy with the way my life is right now.

  5. Opportunities surround me always!!!

  6. Gotta speak it and believe it! I'm breaking down my self-limiting beliefs!


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